Dr. Joyce McPeake Robinson

The Method

Method for Teaching Spelling and Vocabulary


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The Method

The Method
  • Targeted lists of helpful words
  • Small learning steps
  • Correction
  • Repetition in sentences with Study Sheets
  • Testing of knowledge in the presented material
  • Learning words in context
  • Frequent feedback
  • Copying/handwriting – proven to improve word knowledge by 50%
  • Neural systems connected to reading and memory for writing improvement
  • Accommodating individual learning needs
  • Automatic study process mastered
Spelling: Grades 2-8
  • Focus on the spelling process directly
  • Cross-graded wordlist of commonly misspelled words
Vocabulary: Level A, Grades 1-3 and Level B, Grades 4-6
  • Study method of Spelling series with focus on vocabulary
  • Includes commonly used grade level wordlists