Dr. Joyce McPeake Robinson


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Message from founder

Dr. Joyce McPeake Robinson – How To Purchase Her Language Skills Series

Dr. Robinson’s 3-volume set, The Joy of Knowing How To Learn, provides an easy-to-follow daily regimen for mastering two of the most important aspects of Language Arts of Spelling & Vocabulary, for Grades 2-8.

All books are 8.5” x 11” soft cover

Spelling – 173 pgs ISBN: 9781545100196 – $13.99 new on Amazon
Vocabulary Level A – 266 pgs. Gr 1-3 ISBN: 9781089137252 – $13.99 new on Amazon
Vocabulary Level B – 190 pgs Gr 4-6 ISBN: 9781093239065 – $13.99 new on Amazon
Author: Dr. Joyce McPeake Robinson

A large, ready at-hand vocabulary is one of the most significant tools a person can possess. Your speech and writing will clearly communicate your thoughts to others and will also aid your mental organization. Knowing more than one word for a concept and being able to pick just the right one is like building muscle in your body – it affords you complete autonomy and enjoyment in writing or speaking tasks.

Why hire Joyce?

Dr. Joyce McPeake Robinson – A Sparkling, Inspiring Speaker

The Professional:

  • Doctorate in English Language & Master’s in English, both from Boston University
  • Forty Years in Education, as teacher and administrator
  • Twenty Years of the forty as administrator in International Schools
  • Member of many honor societies for educators
  • Author of textbooks, Fostering Creativity K-8 and also How To Double Your Child’s Grades in School
  • International Educational Counseling Expert

The Person:

Intelligent, Witty and Spontaneous. Dr. Joyce is relaxed and knowledgeable, without being elitist. She makes Time stop as she wraps her listeners in a blanket of humor and information. The richness of her everyday speech provides a hint of the deep well within. She possesses a youthful quality that makes her fun and easy to listen to

  • Her lifetime of work in education imparts a level of hands-on knowledge and skill few others can claim
  • Theoretical knowledge is fine, but real knowledge from days and weeks in the school environment is
    powerful and more valuable